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For the body and the home, from the soul.

About Soul Chain Collections

Soul Chain is a collection of finely crafted, designer garments. Each garment is individually conceived, and requires the use of fibers made from silk, cotton, linen, merino wool, and cashmere. Some pieces are from novelty yarn, and myriad of other materials, which creates distinction and style.

From the imagination of fashion and design, put to drawing, then crafted with the finest fibers – a journey that sets the Soul Chain Collections apart.

Soul Chain READY TO WEAR Collections are; unique machine knits, and woven fabrics finished with precision and ready to wear.  

The Soul Chain SIGNATURE Collections include hand crochet wearable art pieces; rare resort wear collections, finely crafted garments, nimble to satisfy the couture conscious tourist, or person that appreciate the wearable art look.  Each piece achieves a singular, distinct look because all are individually made, and not manufactured by an assembly line off-shore. (Limited Additions)

My team and I take pride in each piece and would like to thank you for purchasing Soul Chain designer wear.

“For the Body from the Soul” by Mona McDonald

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